Book: You Can Trust Me

Author: Kiersten Modglin

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy. 

You Can Trust Me is a book that I was so happy to see for one of the silliest reasons. I reviewed another book by Modglin that was a romance and the end of that book felt like a thriller. I said I would love to read a thriller by Modglin, and then I got You Can Trust Me. It did not disappoint.

This story was very similar to a locked room mystery without the locked room. I know that makes no sense but in the context of this book it does. Mae and her husband Blake are on a cruise with their friend Florence and Florence’s boyfriend. Blake wakes up and Mae is missing. 

The mystery of what happened to Mae kept me glued to the story. I took a break and tried to do something else and I just kept thinking, “Where is Mae?” I had to get back to the book immediately. 

Modglin did a fantastic job at painting everyone a little suspicious leaving you constantly second guessing everyone’s actions and motives. Once you find out what happened, it was something I did not see coming and I loved it.

Final Score 5/5


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