Book: We All Keep Secrets

Author: Sheryl Browne

Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for an advanced audio copy.

We All Keep Secrets is a great thriller that will keep you invested from the first page all the way to the last. 

Ellie takes a job babysitting two children for Jake and Megan. Ellie works for Jake at the company he owns so she is already partial to Jake. Megan does not treat Ellie well which makes Ellie continue to get closer to Jake. 

I love thrillers like this. You don’t know who to trust and everyone has secrets. This book changing perspectives and I especially love it when books do that. Unfortunately, this book didn’t really do anything to stand out from other thrillers. It’s written well and has great characters but everything was very predictable. It was just really missing that “wow” moment to make it a little different. 

This is a great thriller. Although I feel it doesn’t do anything to make it stand out in a crowded market it still does everything well and I recommend it. 

Final score: 4/5


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