Book: My Daughter’s Husband

Author: Daniel Hurst

Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for an advanced audio copy.

I may have said this before but I am going to say it again, this is my new favorite book by Daniel Hurst. This is a sequel to My Daughter’s Boyfriend but this will work well as a stand-alone. However, I recommend reading My Daughter’s Boyfriend first. 

The events of the first book are recapped well enough. You know that Ellie was saved by her mother Dawn from her boyfriend who tried to kill her. Dawn ends up saving Ellie but killing Ellie’s boyfriend in the process. This story takes place 5 years later when her boyfriend’s father Harvey is out of prison and out for revenge. 

The revenge plot was not the only thing going on. Ellie has moved on and just got married. unfortunately for Ellie, who just can not catch a break, she married a con artist who is just scamming her. Dawn finds out the truth but Harvey also finds his way to England and the two plot points collide in a perfect way. 

I could not put this one down and I highly recommend it. 

Final score: 5/5


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