Book: ‘Tis The Damn Season

Author: Kimi Freeman

Thank you so much to the author Kimi Freeman for sending me an eARC! 

As a Taylor Swift fan, I love that this book is based on her song ‘Tis The Damn Season. I also sing it in my head every time I read the title. 

Aspen Moore is a big-time Hollywood star. She is currently dealing with a huge scandal that can ruin her career. Because of this, she decides to return home to Fertsville, Pennsylvania to spend some time with family. During this time she reconnects with her first love/high school sweetheart Roman Torres. 

During her time home, she and Roman produce the town’s Christmas show together. I really enjoyed this part and how they helped the children break out of their shells and not give up on themselves. Millie and Ella especially.  

I did like the dual storylines of the past and present. Both are equally intriguing. It was so easy to learn what happened between Roman and Aspen’s relationship and where they were heading in the future. We learn about some tough topics as well, with Roman’s mom and Aspen’s father’s illness (you may want to check trigger warnings). It was nice to see Aspen realize what truly mattered in life that didn’t involve the limelight. 

This is a great second-chance romance story.   

Final Score: 4/5


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