Book: The Last Close Call

Author: Laura Griffen

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

The Last Close Call is a well-written entertaining mystery and romance story. Rowan is a genetic specialist. Her specialty is finding people’s families through DNA history. She is asked to help out on a case to catch a serial rapist. Agreeing to help she works alongside Jack, a detective haunted by some of his cold cases. 

Between Rowan and Jack, there was so much development and character history that I do not know how author Laura Griffen fit all of that into such a short book. You will learn so much about both of them and really enjoy getting to know them. 

Once you learn more about them all you want is for them to solve this case and be happy together. Romance and mystery do not usually mix well, in The Last Close Call they mix perfectly. It was the perfect balance between the two. 

This was my second book by this author and I really liked both books. I look forward to checking out more by Laura Griffen.

Final score: 4/5


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