Book: One Day in December

Author: Josie Silver

This story spans over ten years. I never read a book like this and I really enjoyed that. I loved that we got to see what happened between each character throughout the years.

One day in December Laurie was on the bus when she saw a guy waiting at the bus stop, their eyes met and she felt an instant love to the point where she almost got off the bus to talk to him.

For the year after whenever they are out she and her best friend Sarah are always looking for the bus guy. She doesn’t find him, instead, she meets him at a Christmas party when Sarah introduces him as her boyfriend. She goes into shock and chooses not to say anything to either of them. It pains her to have to hang out with them together but she chose to push her feelings aside for her best friend.

We see the three of their friendships evolve throughout the years, from new jobs to Laurie taking a trip to find herself. She then ends up meeting a new guy. You really feel connected to them, as if you are friends with them. They go through so much throughout the years, from happy times to heartbreaking moments. I definitely teared up in the end.

Final Score 4/5


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