Book: Wreck the Halls

Author: Tessa Bailey

Melody and Beat are both considered musical royalty. Both of their mothers were in the biggest rock band around, the Steel Birds. They suddenly stopped making music and no one knows exactly what happened. I found the mother’s storyline to be more interesting than Melody and Beat.

Melody and Beat see each other in passing one day when Melody was a teenager and she was never the same again. It was an instant love type of romance.

Years pass and Beat is currently being blackmailed for a lot of money so he takes an offer to be on a live television show to get his mother’s band back together. He would only do it if Melody approves and is a part of it. The producer wants all the gossip about the band and wants the show to end with the band performing for the first time in years at the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Beat and Melody, I think it was the instant love that Melody had for him when she was a teenager. It just seemed unrealistic. I also found Beat to be a bit creepy at times, with licking her glass after she went to bed.

Final Score: 3/5


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