Book: A Deadly Promise

Author: Rachel Amphlett

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Select for an advanced audio copy. 

I was unaware that A Deadly Promise was a part of a series, this is book number 13 in the detective Kay Hunter series. With no knowledge of the series this mostly worked fine as a standalone. There were a lot of characters and I kept thinking that if I had knowledge of the other books remembering characters would not be as difficult. That was my only complaint for coming into the series so late. 

There was a violent murder with what looks like no motive and that’s when Kay gets on the case. The body count was increasing as Kay was rushing to figure this one out. I like mystery and detective books so I did enjoy this but I also felt it did nothing new and exciting. It was a typical crime thriller. 

They let the reader in on some details that Kay was not privy to, at first this felt like a novel idea but it ended up just feeling like more of the same for me and I just wanted a little more. 

I plan to go to book one and try the series from the beginning. I’m hoping with more of a knowledge of the characters and the world this book will have a bigger impact on me. 

Final Score 3/5


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