Book: Stalking Around the Christmas Tree

Author: Jacqueline Frost

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

Stalking Around the Christmas Tree is the fourth book in the Christmas Tree Farm Mystery series. I had no knowledge of the other books in the series and enjoyed this one as a standalone. There were a few parts that made me wish I knew more backstory on the characters or just more context for certain scenarios that I’m sure would have been better if I was familiar with the other books. This did not stop any of my enjoyment, all this did was make me buy the first book in the series. 

Holly and the town sheriff are down the wire getting everything ready for their Christmas wedding. While planning this there is also a big holiday event in town that is put on by the inn Holly works at. There was a ballet that was part of this event and during a parade the star of the ballet was found dead. 

Holly is not a cop, she is an innkeeper but she acts like a cop and is on the hunt for information. I loved how Holly navigated the town and figured out everything she did. She is more determined than ever, and with only days until her wedding, she has to solve this murder to continue her Christmas fairytale. 

I found so much of this book to be creative, especially the way the character was murdered. It was so ridiculous that I thought it would not be possible to die in that way. I looked it up, it’s possible and I still can not stop thinking about it. I don’t want to say it here because it was such a clever way to kill off a character. 

I love Christmas books and I love mysteries. When you put both together you get a very enjoyable experience. I will definitely be going to check out the first book in this series and that’s what I recommend you do!  

Final score: 4/5


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