Book: All Souls Lost

Author: Dan Moren

Thank you NetGalley and Spotify Audiobooks for an advanced audio copy.

All Souls Lost sounded like something I was going to love. Sadly I did not love it but I did really like it. The story follows Mike Lucifer who is a spiritual consultant. He takes a case that starts with a possible possession but ends up with a dead body. 

I liked Lucifer as a character and his investigation skills, but everything seemed very cliche and unoriginal. Even though this book deals with paranormal themes everything seemed to happen exactly as you expect any mystery or detective story to play out. That’s what stopped me from loving this story. 

As Lucifer digs deeper into the investigation he discovers more of what you expect. The person who comes to him knows more than they originally said and big corporations are evil. This book could have easily been something great if it brought more original ideas. 

I may have sounded a little harsh on this book but I want to be clear, I really enjoyed it. The main character was a well-developed great lead. I just left this one wanting a little more. 

Final score: 4/5


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