Book: No One Can Know

Author: Kate Alice Marshall

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced audio copy.

What Lies In The Woods by Kate Alice Marshall was one of my favorite books of last year. Because of that, I was so excited when I received this book. I actually stopped reading a book I was halfway through because I just wanted to start this book. Unfortunately, I was left feeling underwhelmed.

The first half of this story I was trying to convince myself I loved it, but deep down I knew it wasn’t going to be as good as What Lies in the Woods for me. The story moved slowly and when it did pick up the highs were just not that high and the twists were just big enough.

The story follows three sisters who share secrets from their past that involved the murder of their parents. As an adult, they have lost touch but are forced to start talking again once Emma falls on hard times financially and moves back into her childhood home. We get multiple POVs which I normally love but my problem here was I wouldn’t say I liked all of the characters. I didn’t have anyone I was rooting for which led to me not caring about where any of the characters ended up. 

When you make it to the end you have multiple twists but none of them really shocked me. To go back to What Lies in the Woods, I audibly gasped multiple times for the twists there, so I was expecting more of that.

My excitement for this book is what led to my disappointment. I recommend this book but if you are a fan of What Lies in the Woods just try to go in expecting something different. 

Final score: 3/5


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