Book: The Rule Book

Author: Sarah Adams

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Ballantine for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Sarah Adams is an auto-buy author for me, and yet again this is another must-read book!

The Rule Book is a companion to The Cheat Sheet. It can be read as a standalone but I really loved that I already knew most of the characters in the book.

Nora Mackenzie is a sports agent who is still learning the ropes in a male-dominated world. She receives her first official client, Derek Pender. Derek Pender is on the Sharks football team alongside Nathan, the main character from The Cheat Sheet. Right now Derek is recovering from an injury and is nervous that his team may not sign him up again next season.

Another thing to mention, Nora and Derek once dated back in college before she broke up with him. Derek was shocked when he went to the agency to find out Nora was now his agent. He kept himself guarded for a while since she hurt him in the past. One night in Vegas everything changes, they wake up married.

Nora is such a likable character, I loved her and her quirkiness. She also made me want to try cereal and ice cream. Derek is another very likable character. He is a nice guy that melts when he is with Nora. It was so cute to watch their relationship grow throughout the book.

This is a perfect sports romance with an adorable second-chance romance trope.

Final Score: 5/5


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