Book: The Midnight Feast

Author: Lucy Foley

Thank you to William Morrow Books for a finished copy!

The Midnight Feast begins at the opening of The Manor, a luxurious cliffside estate that will be welcoming guests who are willing to spend a premium price for a night. Most are staying in the woodland hutches, which are located right next to the woods. The locals in town always say to stay out of the woods because the woods hold many secrets.

The story is told from many different points of view, as well as past and present timelines. The POVs we get the story from are Francesca, whose grandparents gave her the Manor in her inheritance. Owen, her husband. Bella, who is a guest. Eddie, who is an employee. As well as Di Walker, the detective working on the case investigating at the manor.

We learn that each person holds a dark secret that intertwines with one another.

I enjoyed this book. It has a perfect build-up that made me not want to put it down until I knew what happened.

This is a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller!

Final Score: 5/5


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