Book: Snowed Inn

Author: Erin Branscom

Thank you to Erin Branscom for an eARC!

Snowed Inn is the sixth and final installment of the Freedom Valley Series. This has been one of my favorite small-town cozy romance series. All of the characters are so likable in each book.

Snowed Inn follows the Sutton brothers, Beau and Hank. They bought the town’s pizzeria Freedom Pie. Hank considered it a dream of his, but the only problem is that he makes the worst pizza. Customers have dwindled due to the change in pizza.

Holly Springs is the daughter of the pizzeria owners that sold to the Sutton brothers. Holly was so upset with her parents because it was her lifelong dream to take over the pizzeria. She is now doing everything she can to repurchase the pizzeria, even as far as becoming a surrogate.

Holly doesn’t like Hank because she feels he took away her dream. However, she starts to work at the pizzeria to help out. While working with him, you see her feelings start to change. You can see them falling in love with one another before your eyes. Hank never met anyone like her before. He wants to protect her and help her at all costs.

Just a reminder that this book can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading it within the series.

Snowed Inn is out now!

Final Score 5/5


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