Book: Six More Months of June

Author: Daisy Garrison

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced audio copy. 

When I saw this book was for fans of Carley Fortune I didn’t need to know anything else. Unfortunately, I did not like this as much as I like any of Carly’s books and I found myself getting a little frustrated during my read.

I want to start by saying the book gives no trigger warnings but there should be trigger warnings for sexual assault.

The story follows Caplan and Mina who are polar opposites in high school. Caplan is predicted to be prom king and Mina is valedictorian and awkward. They live across the street and from a young age they have been friends and only friends.

Caplan annoyed me the most. He comes off as entitled throughout the story and seems to string along his girlfriend as long as Mina. Romantically he shows no interest in Mina until Mina is with someone else. 

The plot felt like it was all over the place at times making it a little confusing for parts of the story but as a whole the story itself is good. Mina is a great main character, she is multileveled and deals with so many things. From being bullied at school, her love life, her home life, the passing of her dad, and the fallout from her dad’s family. I wanted nothing but happiness for Mina and for me, that meant I wanted Caplan far away from her.

If you like high school romances or friends to lovers then definitely check this one out.

Final Score 3/5


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