Book: Life’s Too Short

Author: Abby Jimenez

This is the third book in The Friend Zone series.

Vanessa Price is a YouTube influencer. She quit her job to travel the world. She is a live each day to the fullest type of girl.

One day her half-sister leaves her with her infant daughter. Vanessa’s life has completely changed, from going out and seeing the world to now never leaving her apartment and taking care of an infant.

One night the baby would not stop crying when the hot next-door neighbor Adrian Copeland knocked on the door asking if she needed help. From that night, the both of them started spending every day/night together. She looked forward to seeing him. She swore she wouldn’t let love take over her life and now she is starting to feel all the things she didn’t want to.

This story was a bit of a rollercoaster but I loved and enjoyed the whole ride.

Final Score: 4/5


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