Book: If Something Happens to Me

Author: Alex Finaly 

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan audio for an advanced audio copy. 

Every single one of Alex Finlay’s books amaze me. They all have multiple characters and multiple POVs and it never gets confusing. The way all the characters are developed it’s impossible to not be in awe but the way he writes. I can never get enough of his books. 

If Something Happens to Me is a mystery about a missing girl Ali, who is presumed to be dead. Her boyfriend at the time Ryan, was with her when she was taken. If it was not for his lawyer it would have been a slam dunk to arrest Ryan for her murder. Five years later Ryan moves across the globe and there is a break in the case. Ali is alive and we go on an adventure filled with twists and turns to find out what happened on that night. 

A story that goes across multiple characters and multiple continents makes it feel like there was never a dull moment. I could not put this down. This book lacked a bigger twist or a major reaver that shocked me but the way the story is told and the way it’s written that shock value twist was not needed.

I will continue to read everything and anything Alex Finlay puts out. Definitely check this one out.

Final score: 5/5


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