Book: Expiration Dates

Author: Rebecca Serle

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Whenever Daphne meets a new man in her life, she gets a piece of paper from the universe with the guy’s name on it and the length of time that they will be spending together. Whether it’s three months or one night, she always receives a piece of paper.

Her ex-boyfriend Hugo really stood out to her. She seems to have a special place in her heart for him even after the breakup, and he feels the same way. Hugo is also the only person in the world that knows she receives papers from the universe. I like how their relationship turned into a friendship, someone Daphne could turn to and rely on.

One day she meets Jake. When she gets that paper from the universe it has no expiration date. She believes Jake is the one she is meant to spend forever with. Jake is genuinely a nice guy and is in love with Daphne. I loved how easy their relationship was.

The ending did not play out the way I expected but overall I was so happy with the turnout. It is very easy to get attached to Daphne’s story and want the best for her.

This book is filled with so many great quotes that make you think about life and living in the moment. This book will tug on your heartstrings but it is so worth the read. I think this is a book that would become a reread for me.

Final Score: 5/5


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