Month: July 2020

Review: Croc’s World

Croc’s World is a platformer that wants to copy Super Mario in every way possible. It’s available on most major platforms for $4.99. Is this a clone that’s worth your time? Maybe; let’s jump in. nn Reviewed on Nintendo Switch….

Review: PictoQuest

PictoQuest is a game that sets you on an adventure by completing nonograms. If you don’t know what a nonogram is, I got you covered here in this review. PictoQuest is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and iOS for $7.99….

Review: Food Pals

Food Pals is an auto-running platform game available on iOS and Android for $2.99. Auto-running games have become much more prevalent on mobile. Can this do anything to make it stand apart? n nI love platformers, and something about the…

Review: SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is an auto-runner platforming game available exclusively on Apple Arcade. n Patty Pursuit is an auto-runner that tries to deliver some new mechanics and actually made a lot of changes for the better. Auto-runners are an easy…

Review: Mosaic

Mosaic is a stylized adventure game that’s available on most major platforms–for $19.99–and also part of Apple Arcade. Reviewed mostly on Apple Arcade. n Mosaic is a game that has a lot to say, without saying too many words. The…