Get ready for that big trip with these easy steps!

Be Prepared

Yeah, I know that sounds like a generic rip off from the boy scouts but fucking be prepared. I could end this here and you do all the thinking but lucky for you I will elaborate.

nKnow your destination

This is a simple one. Just know where you going. I have a trip coming up to Italy; I live in the U.S. and we have different power adapters than other countries. So, either pick up a converter or get the correct cable for where you’re going. I could bore you with why we have different adapters but for now I’ll spare you.

nDownload before you go

We have entered a digital age. Many console gamers do not buy physical media anymore and PC gamers have been buying digitally already for years with Steam. Hotel internet is downright garbage…at best. Make sure you have all your games you want to play on this trip downloaded before leaving your home. If a game comes out when you are gone just forget it. Even if you buy it physically, odds are with the way things are today, there will be a huge day one patch. Good luck. I had a trip recently and I wanted to play a game that was a 40 GB download. I started the download and watched in amazement when it told me my estimated time left was greater than 48 hours, which was longer than I was going to be in this hotel. Fuck off.

nPlan Ahead

Think about your trips in advance. If you know some games that you want to play are coming out, prioritize which one will be for your home time and what will be for your travel time. Save your single player games for your trips! This statement is not as simple as it used to be. Some (seems like most now) single player games require an internet connection to play. Make sure you look into the game you want to play and see if you could play the entire game without ever connecting to the internet. Anything that will require you to be online could be a gamble for hotel internet.


This can go in two directions. If you travel with a console or a gaming laptop, invest in some sort of protection for transporting it. Travel can be rough on our personal belongings and a hard traveling case can help preserve and save our expensive belongings. Also, maybe invest in a handheld. I have both a Nintendo 3DS and a PlayStation Vita and I can’t imagine travel without them. Especially the Vita for me. I can go on and on about how great the Vita is but instead of doing that just go buy one.


Your trip is here and now you’re ready. You prepared! You know where you are going and you have your stuff packed and ready for your destination. You downloaded everything you wanted to play and you made sure to patch and update all your games. You planned ahead and you have your giant epic single player story waiting for you to dive right in when you get there. Your console or computer arrived safely since you invested in travel cases for them. Your plane ride was more enjoyable since you invested in the Vita and played so many glorious games on the trip. You’re good to go now! Good job!!


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