Today is our second edition of the Top 5 Beers project (here is our first onecourtesy of Brian), where I get to talk about some beers that I love, while the guys get to comment and/or mock me. Without further ado, the beers:


Brian here, well payback is a bitch. You hijacked my list and now my goal on your list is to be as savage as the Wendy’s twitter account. You don’t know what that means then go and google Wendy’s savage tweets, you are welcome. I know we are supposed to be commenting on Al’s choices… but, put a link you lazy some-bitch — (Anthony here in italics)

5.) Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

I love IPAs, (and the hipsters rejoiced…ignore the fact that I recently started to appreciate these— AC)and this is an excellent option. If you’re a big beer drinker(My mind first pictured a big person drinking beer, then a person drinking a giant beer, THEN a person who drinks beer often. — AC)(Coincidentally all of these describes me — AB) you know it, and have probably had it. If not, change that ASAP(Don’t tell me what! — AC), because you’re missing out. Sculpin is strong, but not overwhelming, if you’re not a huge hophead(Hophead? really what is this world coming to? — BR)(O Come on this is a common term — AB). It’s a beer that should work for diehards(insert Friends meme of Joey and Ross saying DIE HARD! — BRLike that time Die Hard was in the vents? — AC)as well as causal drinkers, and it’s readily accessible. If I’m looking forward to a good IPA, but I can’t decide which I want, this is at the top of my shortlist.Probably because the name has the same letters as ball — BR(All I have to say Brian — AB)


4.) Bell’s Oberon Ale

This seasonal is great, and when I see it on the shelf, I know spring is fully here (pfft seasonist. — AC). I stock up right away because I know it won’t last long(cuz people like you are taking it all! so selfish, so selfish. — AC); I’m not sure how many deliveries of a seasonal Michigan beer actually make it to upstate New York. I do know that it’s hard to beat sitting (heard that — AC) outside on a beautiful spring or summer(first you tell us you know its spring since this SEASONAL beer is here now you are telling us you drink it in the summer? pick a season — BR)day with a couple ice cold Oberons. Subtly spicy, (but is it soiced? — AC #soicedAle)(I’m still pissed about that, even if it was hysterical on the episode AB) but also clean and refreshing, this hoppy wheat ale is damn good.


3.) Victory Golden Monkey

The first time I bought this beer was in growler form (1 gallon FTW!), and the guy filling it at the store gave me wise words to follow “This beer is the gorgeous blonde woman in the red dress at the bar. She’s a great time, but if you’re not careful, she’ll ruin your life.” We had a good laugh, and I loved the beer. The second time I drank it I woke up on the floor(under a table — AC)(Actually it was under a chair — AB) and had no idea how I got there.(the jokes here are just oh too obvious, I don’t even know where to start are what to choose. Reader just pick any joke and put it here — BR)This is a delicious(read: overrated — AC)(I will fight you — AB) Belgian Tripel that takes no prisoners.


2.) Newburgh Winter Spruce Porter

Man I enjoy the hell out of this beer(read: all beer — AC)(#Facts — AB). If you don’t live in the area surrounding Newburgh(and how could you? Al takes up all the surrounding space since his head is always up their ass — AC)it would be tough to get, since it’s seasonal and they don’t can it. It’s so damn good if you like a nice, dark, holiday beer. It’s sweet, but not sickly(what does sickly mean in reference to beer? — BR)(Sickly sweet? Think fruity, commercial beers — AB). It’s dark and bold, but not heavy(But is it soiced? — AC #soicedAle). It’s piney(typically when I choose a beer I am going for a beer that is like a tree — BR). I have heard it described by a friend as “like drinking a Christmas tree.”(again typically tree is one of my go to qualities — BR)I couldn’t agree more, and because of this beer I have looked at Christmas trees longingly when hungry(Thirsty? If the beer can be chewed I’M OUT— AC)before*. Their secret**? It’s made withreal bits of pine. (OH COME ON — BR)


1.) The Alchemist Heady Topper

This beer. Not even sure where to start. Anyone who’s familiar with our work here will hopefully remember my excitement when I first tried it for Flix & a Six. Well I had a few more since (You holding out on me you jerk?! — AC), and that’s enough to put it at the top. I’ll be craving it like a junkie until the next time I can get some. I’m not planning on going up to Vermont any time soon, so if any of you wants to get me a gift, start there. It is the Platonic Ideal DIPA (and now I have achieved peak beer snobbery). Beer snob is an understatement for this list, an absolute understatement — BR


*I have never eaten a Christmas tree, even at my hungriest. (spoiler alert it taste like pine, which is one of your favorite beers so go eat a tree — BR) (Oh, you mean eat the tree… got it — AC)


**I don’t know their secrets, but there is a real pine component


If you forgot or are to lazy to google Wendy’s savage tweets done worry I did it for you just click RIGHT HERE — BR (Let’s be clear, again, you were being lazy. — AC)


Also here the friends meme — BR


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