If you didn’t know what I’m doing here then check out my explanation on The Apple Arcade List. When I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the list, Word Laces was the first game for me to check out.


Word Laces is exactly what I like in free to play puzzle games but those games are often hindered by the free to play trappings and micro transactions. With Apple Arcade having no micro transactions I thought this would be perfect. Sadly it was not a great marriage. n

This game seems to be built for micro transactions and it was just stripped out to support Apple Arcade. Games like this have a hint system which is usually locked by some kind of currency you need to pay real money for. In Word Laces, hints are free and can be used as often as you like. Just knowing the hint system was there, which basically solves the puzzle for you makes the game easy and not a fun time waster. I know what you are thinking “just don’t use the hint” I challenge you to stare at some uninspired puzzles for a few minutes and not use it yourself.


That’s right, most of the pictures and answers are just uninspired. What you have here is a picture and then a bunch of letters underneath you need to string together to make words that reference the picture. The solutions are mostly easy but when they are not it’s typically words that you do not use in your daily speech. That’s not a bad thing but in this context, it just makes a word game that is not fun.


I usually feel that when I play puzzle games like this I actually learn. After over 100 of these puzzles I feel I have not learned anything. When it first came out I played about 20 puzzles and stopped. Now that I am determined to go through all the Arcade games I felt I needed to play more. I now have completed over 100 and I think just staring at my blank phone screen would have passed time the same way.


Since this is the first game on my list it will be number one on my overall list. That will definitely change no matter what the second game is. I feel the game will definitely be in the bottom five of Apple Arcade offerings.


The List


  1. Word Laces
  2. n


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