My replay of the Uncharted games is going way quicker than I could have imagined. The games are so much fun that I can’t stop playing them and I got hooked all over again.


Reviewed on PlayStation 5


I said Uncharted 2 was the perfect sequel because it took everything Uncharted 1 did and made it better. Well, Uncharted 3 is the perfect sequel to Uncharted 2 because in my opinion, it continued to make everything better. n

My biggest issue with Uncharted 2 was the shooting, more specifically the weapon sway. That’s gone in Uncharted 3 and I was hitting headshot after headshot feeling like an action hero. The shooting felt perfect to me. The cover mechanics with shooting felt even tighter and seemed to just work better. I didn’t even think the cover mechanics needed to be better but somehow they felt better. n

The hand-to-hand combat evolved even more and you can see traces of the original Last of Us fighting here. Fighting in the Last of Us was my favorite part of the combat and this is definitely where that style began. As Drake, you often will use your environment while fighting. You will even pick up some items in the environment and use them while fighting. Even though the shooting felt so good I still tried to fight everyone I could. Makes me want an Uncharted brawler now more than ever. n

The story in Uncharted 3 is the best in the series so far. It gives a great back story to Drake and Sully making you fall even more in love with these iconic characters. This story also gave you some nightmare fuel. Bug! Lots and lots of bugs.


The only issue I had with this game was the performance and bugs. I had a decent amount of frame drops and slow down during some scenes which usually I don’t even notice but I did here. I had some scenes where I was holding an invisible gun. I even had some parts where Drake would just warp to a different part of the map while running or climbing. I don’t remember having any of these issues on my other playthroughs. n



If not for performance issues uncharted 3 would be my favorite in the series so far. It has the best gameplay and the best story but these little hiccups held it back from being perfect. It’s still a great experience that everyone should have.


Final score 8.5/10


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