Book: The Suspect


Author: Kathryn Croft


Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for an advanced audio copy.

The suspect was a good book that really frustrated me because it was so close to being great. The reason I say that is the whole time I was hoping the resolution would not be the obvious choice. It looked like it was going to take an unexpected turn but then went right back on the path of predictable.


I love the way the story is told. The plot follows two characters across two timelines. Present day it follows Jess, then in the past, it follows Lori who was the murdered mother of Jess.


The suspected killer shows up years later to bring the truth to Jess. He is killed before he can tell Jess what really happened to her mother.


The dual perspective of mother-daughter worked so well. As Jess would find out some details about her mom’s past you will then get the first-hand perspective from her mom to further explain. It was never confusing and always worked.


There were some twists and turns but ultimately this was a very predictable story. Even though you may be able to see the ending coming from a mile away I still highly recommend this book. This is a perfect example of how dual-perspective books should work.


Final Score: 4/5


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