Super Punch Patrol is a Brawler with a very unique art style. I have been playing a lot of brawlers this year, can this one stand up to the rest? Let’s find out. Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.n

nWhen you first jump into Super Punch Patrol you can’t help but be in awe of how beautiful it looks. The art style looks like drawings out of a notebook. We have seen this done before and not all that well, I’m looking at you Drawn to Death, so at first, I was slightly skeptical.n

nWatching the way my character and enemies move in this art style was pure eye candy. It looked flawless. The red and blue colors coupled with the hand drawn black and whites, its just beautiful. At times I felt myself paying too much attention to the art and forgot I was playing a game.n

nWhen you strip the art away, the game is very basic. It’s a Streets of Rage clone down to almost every detail. Some of the enemies look like they were ripped right out of Streets of Rage, down to the same type of enemy who runs across your screen with a knife.nnThe controls were very simple compared to other brawlers coming out now. You have only three buttons to remember, attack, special, and jump. The specials also borrow from games like Streets of Rage, as in when you do them you will lose some of your precious health.n

nThe game is deceivingly hard. When I first started I thought it was going to be easy because if you land a full combo on most enemies, it either kills them or gets pretty close. Then I came to realize my health goes down just as quickly as theirs. If you make one mistake and get yourself caught between two enemies, you can kiss all your health goodbye.nnThe bosses in the game were not all that interesting. They either had moves that would randomly grab you and do a lot of damage or just act like regular enemies with more health. After games like Huntdown, when bosses don’t bring anything new to the table it just seems like a misfire.n

nThe campaign is short and took me a little over an hour on my first playthrough. Finishing it will unlock new costumes for you to try out. During my time with the game, I had a lot of fun and also had some laughs when enemies pull off some moves like the one in the screenshot below.n

nVerdictnnSuper Punch Patrol has an impressive art style with some mediocre at best brawler gameplay. When games like Streets of Rage 4 exist you have to do something to elevate your game to compete. The art style almost gets it there but ultimately it falls a little short. I do give this one a thumbs up and recommend checking it out if you are a fan of brawlers.nnFinal Score -5.5/10-nn


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