Book: Small Town Sins


Author: Ken Jaworowskin


Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan for an advanced audio copy. n

Small Town Sins is a great book that left me wanting more. The story follows three different characters that are in the small town of Locksburg Pennsylvania. The three stories are not really linked outside of some side characters being present in more than one plot line and it all being in the same town. I would have loved for there to be more linking them all together but this was not a deal breaker for me since I felt the three plot lines were great on their own.n


My least favorite plot line was the one that followed Nathan. Nathan is a volunteer firefighter who finds a garbage bag filled with money in a house fire that he believes was a meth house. His story is devastating but I personally feel everything went wrong because of Nathan and I did not like him at all. The true tragic story in Nathans’s plot is his wife.


The other two plot lines are both equally heartbreaking. Andy is a junkie that met the love of his life and had a baby, which made him go clean. He was 9 years sober when his wife and child pass away. He wants to end his life and join them but he gets caught up in trying to stop others from being hurt. This reads like a superhero or vigilante origin story but we never really get a full resolution. Andy’s story was hard to read being so sad but was well done.n


Callies story was another plot that was tough to read since it was so heartbreaking. Callie is a nurse who has a young girl in her care. Sadly the young girl of only 16 has just days to live. All she wants to do is see the ocean. Callie breaks all the rules to take a road trip against the clock to take her to see the ocean. Again I felt like I wanted more and didn’t get a full resolution.n


This is not an easy read that shows off a lot of the evils in the world. I said I was left wanting more, I take that as a good thing because it means I love what I had. This is one that I recommend. n


Final Score 4/5


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