Pilgrims is an adventure game that is about finding multiple solutions to a problem. It’s available on Apple Arcade and on Steam for $4.99.



The entire story of Pilgrims is told with no words.


It’s short and can be completed in many different ways. You meet people and solve their problems to complete your mission. The game encourages multiple playthroughs to try to find out all the possible solutions.



You have an overworld map with destinations you can visit. When you go to each area, you may find some items to use, or meet someone to interact with. When you interact with someone, you see a thought bubble above them, letting you know what they want, and what you need to get them to continue on your adventure.


When you collect an item it is shown as a card on the bottom of your screen. You simply drag the card onto the screen to play it. If the item is what’s needed the story will go on. If the item is not needed, in that scenario, usually the character will take it, play with it, and then give it back. Some of the animations are quick and funny; others they just drop whatever you give to them and move on.


,Too Quick But I’m Not Complaining,,

The game is over before it even begins. My first playthrough took me around twenty five minutes; playing once didn’t make me really want to go back in for another go. You can solve problems in a different way, but why do you want to? It doesn’t add much to the game except you dragging a different card to the screen. Twenty five minutes may have actually overstayed its welcome.


As you go to different areas, you make some friends who join you on your adventure — at least for a little while. When they join you, they can be used to solve certain puzzles. Some people will only talk to certain people, so you may have to use other people to progress through the area. It’s never fully clear who to use; it’s a massive game of trial and error that loses its appeal quickly.


Pilgrims is a short game — a very short game — and it still slightly overstayed its welcome. I love narrative experiences but there was no narrative here. It was a story adventure game with no real story. Go frame by frame and just put cards on the screen hoping its the right one.


I give this one two thumbs down. This is a game that you can easily avoid.

Final Score: — 2.5/10 —

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