LEGO builders journey is was an Apple Arcade exclusive puzzle game with LEGO, its now available on other platforms. Being an Apple Arcade lover and a kid at heart I was excited to play with some LEGO on my phone.n

nnBuilders Journey is a game I played through twice and not really because I wanted to. After my first completion which took only a couple of hours, I was left with nothing but confusion. The game has you using LEGO bricks to solve environmental puzzles which sounds great but it missed the mark for me. n

nBuilders’ journey has you following what I would assume to be a father and son. Or at least a child and some kind of guardian. Most levels have you building a path for the child to reach the adult. There are no spoken words so it’s all how you interpret it but what the name would imply is this is the child’s journey to becoming a builder. n

nThe levels look beautiful. They are vibrant and look like a fun playset but then you actually start to play it. There are two small yellow bricks, one is under the child and the other is in the level for you to use. You have to build a path for the child to go across but he can only move on the yellow bricks. Once the brick is close enough to him he will jump to it and that will free up the one he is standing on for you to use for the next jump he needs to make. n

nMost levels can be solved in various ways pending on how you decide to build but there still wasn’t enough freedom. You seemed to only have just enough pieces to get where you would need. I would have loved to have a lot of pieces to try to build elaborate designs to get the child across. Later levels you have the ability to get more pieces and I found myself playing around with the pieces more than trying for the objective. n

nWhat you have to do is not always clear either. The majority of the levels were just me fumbling around until the next one started. There was no hint system in the game so at times, not only on my first playthrough, I found myself stuck trying to figure out what I needed to do to move on. n

nThis was one of those games that when I reached the end, it was just a sigh of relief. I was ready to be done. I had high hopes for a LEGO game and what we got was a weird, directionless puzzle game.nnnVerdictnnLEGO builders Journey is a puzzle game with very little to do with LEGO. Using your imagination and building with bricks was the way to progress but it was never really how you want to build with LEGO bricks. I give this one a thumbs down but I do recommend it. I recommend it because other reviews are favorable. This missed for me or maybe I missed something in it so give it a try and let me know what you think.nnnFinal Score —3.5/10–n

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