Monthly Mobile Gaming Report for February 2021

Time just keeps flying by, another month down and another batch of mobile games to jump into. If you missed last week be sure to check out our report for January. As for this month, we got some good ones, let’s get right to it.


Survival Z (Apple Arcade)

Survival Z launched this month into Apple Arcade and I have not stopped playing it yet. It’s a fun mash up of tower defense and action RPG. It reminds me a lot of the Kingdom Rush franchise but with more control over your hero. You fight waves and waves of zombies to rescue survivors and find new equipment. This game will definitely have a full review from me; while you wait for that, just play it. This is one I highly recommend.


Disney Pop Town (Free)

Somehow there is yet another free to play Disney match three game. Like all the ones before it, it’s a lot of fun and has a great aesthetic. It’s no secret that I am a Disney nerd, so I will play anything with a Disney license. In this game, you create a character, then play puzzle levels to earn stars. Use those stars to rebuild and upgrade your town. It’s a great experience to create a town by playing a fun Disney match three game. There is no shortage of match three games on the app store, so I recommend this if you really are in need of another one to play, but I definitely recommend this to all Disney fans.


Harvest Town (Free)

After Animal Crossing ignited the flame inside me for simulation games, I have been trying to find another one to sink a lot of hours into. Harvest town may just be that game. It looks a lot like Stardew Valley, from a graphics aspect, but at least for me, it’s a lot more linear and less confusing. Harvest Town has you building your own cottage, planting a garden, going shopping, and a lot more. If you need a game to scratch your Animal Crossing itch on mobile, this is a lot better than the mobile game they tried. I recommend this for any fan of simulation games.


Trivia Poker (Free)

I’m going to start this one off real honestly: Trivia Poker is not a good trivia game, but for some reason, I keep playing it. You have two modes to choose from that keep to the poker theme: limit and no limit. Both modes start the same, you buy a small amount of chips, you then start the game, and are asked a question. You have a short amount of time to pick your choice and answer before you “bust”. You read the question and then have to decide how confident you are that you know the answer. The two options are to bet half of your chips or bet them all. The goal is to make it as far as you can before running out of money. If you like simple trivia games then this is one I recommend for you.


Boom Land ($0.99)

Boom Land had the feeling of an early mobile game. It was very reminiscent of the original Angry Birds. You’re dropping bombs on different structures that have different types of supports to try to bring it all down. It’s frustrating when you come so close, but with each failure you learn what you need to do differently, and it was always rewarding. It’s a low price tag and I definitely recommend giving it a try.


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