Book: When Grumpy Met Sunshine

Author: Charlotte Stein

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced audio copy. 

When Grumpy Met Sunshine was a difficult book for me for two reasons. First, this was the audiobook and the narration by Emily Spowage was definitely lacking. There was little emotion in any of her deliveries and it made the story even harder to follow. Second, the story was just not interesting and I also had issues with the writing. These characters are supposed to be in their thirties, If this was a high school romance book I still think some of it would still be considered immature. 

Alfie and Mabel are the two main characters and I didn’t like either one of them. Alfie is considered to be grumpy but let’s be honest, he is just a dick. Mabel is more likable but her entire personality is based on how unsure of herself and her body that it made me pull away from the character.

This is a book that sounds like it should be one I love but it just fails to execute. I’m sure there is an audience for this book but I am not sure who that audience is.

Final Score 2/5


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