Book: The Takeover

Author: Cara Tanamachi

Thank you NetGalley and RB Media for an advanced audio copy.

The Takeover was sadly a disappointment for me. I love any kind of romantic comedy so I was excited for this but I failed to like or connect with either of the two main characters, Nami and Jae. 

Nami is the CEO of a start-up that is unfortunately failing and is not able to get funding. They are looking to be acquired by a big company that Jae works for. Nami and Jae were old school rivals and now they are on opposite sides of a business deal. Nami doesn’t want to sell and Jae wants nothing more than to buy out companies like Nami’s. 

They both are just too much of a business stereotype that I couldn’t get attached to either one of them. Nami treats her employees like they are family and Jae calls himself a wolf and wants to eat small businesses. It was just too annoying for me. 

Jae and Nami hate each other and are horrible to each other until they are not. There was no transition from enemies to lovers it just happened and was not all that believable. 

The book did have a lot of redeeming qualities to make it worth finishing but not connecting with either of the main characters made it a little rough for me. 

Final score: 3/5


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