Book: Olive & Pear’s Christmas Detour

Author: Mia Heintzelman and Eve Kasey

The book is broken down into two wonderful stories. Olive and Pear are best friends who were planning on spending the holidays together in the Maldives. Both stories explain what happens to both of them on that magical Christmas Eve.

Snowflakes in Seattle is the story of Olive’s Christmas Eve. She is on a plane that hits something and they see a green glow out the windows. The passengers all believe that the plane hit Santa. They land in Seattle which is her old hometown, all the hotels are booked up and she has nowhere to stay. She reaches out to a family friend and they suggest contacting Wyatt. Olive had a crush on Wyatt since she was little, after all these years they have grown up and she is still attracted to him. They end up spending the holidays together in Wyatt’s houseboat. I love their chemistry and the sparks they had with one another. It was so adorable seeing them fall in love. This is a charming story with a lot of spice.

Merry in Maldives is the story of Pear’s Christmas Eve. She is on her way to the Maldives when she finds out that her friend is not going to make it because her plane hit Santa. What is even worse is that she is stuck on the plane next to the guy who just fired her. They are now stuck in the Maldives together and he is just showing up everywhere Pear goes. My favorite time he showed up was when she took the mermaid class.

This is a must-add to your Christmas reads.

Final Score: 4/5


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